Thursday, May 31, 2012

Every Student? Every School?

I posted recently about the NSW Governments "Every Student, Every School" initiative. I've talked to our Primary School Principal and our High School Special Needs Support Unit. I am feeling very lucky to have my kids in such great schools. Despite the fact that L's individual funding is being removed they have assured me they will figure out how to fund his support program so that it continues uninterrupted. G's transition to Kindergarten is underway and the Principal and Kindergarten Teacher are committed to doing everything in their power to ensure her smooth transition and to provide her with a safe environment that will meet her social, sensory and educational needs. The people working with my kids are amazing and I cannot express my relief to have them on board and my gratitude for the effort they put in to meeting my kids needs.

All this said, however, I am well aware that not everyone is so lucky. With this in mind I have drafted letters to quite a few politicians, which I will be sending out shortly, expressing my concern over their decision. I have also started a petition, which I would be please if you would all sign and share with your friends, on your Facebook pages, and anywhere else you can think of. I have set the target at 5,000 signatures (nothing like stepping out of your comfort zone!!). When you go and look at the petition you will see an explanation of why it is important to sign. I've tried to be succinct, but it is a complex issue, and I feel a bit of anxiety that I haven't managed to capture it well. But I figure if I let my anxiety take over I'd never get anything done, and this is one issue we cannot afford to stay silent on.

Thanks in advance for your support.

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