Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Images of Acceptance

This is my last 
#AutismAcceptance post for 2013. 
I took a photo of my MissG each day this month, 
to show what her life looks like when she is accepted just how she is. 
We do our best to adjust the environment around her and 
provide appropriate supports  to meet her needs. 
We try to avoid putting her in a position where she must 
change herself to blend in and appear like everyone else. 
To us, this is acceptance. 
These photos show what accepting her looks like at our house.

1. MissG designed snow men toys and gave me the instructions to construct them.
2. Playing the drum she made
3. In her favourite pyjamas- she wore them for 3 days straight
4. Playing with the interactive globe
5. Tracing my shoes with circular counters
6. Wearing her choice of costume for the easter Hat Parade
7. Sitting on a piece of newspaper in front of the fire eating a sandwich wearing t-shirt and underpants 
8. In the cubby house she designed and helped build
9. Bouncing and playing on the Wii
10. With face painted as a dragon
11. Exploring electricity
12. Snuggled on her bed in a sleeping bag for some sensory deprivation time
13. Hanging out with her godmother
14. With her friend from preschool "E is my best friend"
15. Having a go at the trumpet with the help of a friend
16. After many years of fearing the noise of the vacuum she suddenly decided to clean the floor for me!
17. Being a "hero warrior" on her rocking horse
18. Hand washing is important
19. Watching her favourite show with Daddy
20. Peering into the fish tank
21. Making music on the wall
22. Playing with K
23. Blowing bubbles in milk
24. Another detailed drawing.... MissG does numerous pictures every day
25. Her favourite food- "bone chicken" (chicken drumstick)
26. "Kiss?".... countless times a day
27. Helping wash the car is a great excuse for sensory input
28. Another sensory game- squishy "fairy eggs"- wearing her princess cape
29. "Squeezey hugs" 
30. Bath toys line up

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