Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Holidays are over

We are in the last week of our Summer holidays now.
The end of 6 weeks of not having to go out much.
Not having to get everyone out the door early in the morning.
Not having tired, worn out kids every afternoon.
Not having to plan for every week and every day so carefully to avoid major meltdowns.
It has been wonderful.

We've been able to let our kids who find it hard to settle for sleep go to bed late and then sleep in.
We've been able to snack lots (snacking on crunchy foods helps G release stress).
We've been able to have extra computer time (computer time is strictly monitored in our house, so it's nice to let them have some extra, especially for L who finds it a great release from ever present low level anxiety).

G has gone back to preschool this week. She goes two days a week. She loves to go and I really appreciate the chance to get some things done that are harder to get done when she is with me. I am so grateful for the hard work the preschool staff do to make it possible for G to be there. They are kind, calm, understanding, and not easily phased! They take all her little quirks and challenging behaviours in their stride and knowing that means I don't worry about her when I leave her there. Which for me is invaluable. Having some quiet head space for a few hours a couple of days a week helps me to be more organised and gives me a chance to rest from having to be hyper vigilant all the time to stay on top of tricky behaviours. But I am still feeling disappointed that holidays are over.

All the kids will be back to school next week, and the silly treadmill of drop offs and pick ups and tricky to navigate afternoon routines of homework-and-dinner-and-chores-and-rushing-to-get-bedtimes-at-a-decent-hour starts all over again. I feel tired just thinking about it. This week with G's return to preschool I have been reminded of the teary I've-been-on-my-best-behaviour-all-day-and-can't-do-it-any-more afternoons when no snack feels right in her mouth so we have a meltdown, and no clothes feel right on her body so we have a meltdown, and somebody walked past me and they were too close to me so we have a meltdown. And I expect L will have some tricky moments too as he has to learn to cope with increased amounts of homework after spending his day navigating loud busy hallways and learning to interpret the communications of 7 new teachers. And then there is the situation all parents find themselves in when more than one child has a crisis happening at the same time- who do I deal with first?  Usually around here its the "normal" kids who get to wait and then we not only have to deal with their original crisis but also go through the 'how come I always have to wait?' conversation as well!

Yep- I am definitely disappointed that holidays are over.

Oh well- I'll just have to start looking forward to next holidays!

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