Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spinning and Bouncing

We bought year passes to Luna Park half way through last year (tax return treat!). I planned on entertaining the two ASD kids while Adventure Hubby went on rides with the others.

Turns out G LOVES the adrenalin rush of the rides, especially the ones that spin smoothly, or the roller coaster style ones. She can only handle about 2 hours there at a time, but because we know we can come back as many times as we want to in the year we just go home when she's showing signs of stress. L likes it too, but he paces himself more than G does, and is definitely ready to leave earlier than the other 3 kids. Interestingly we find that G is less likely to meltdown for the couple of days after a visit to Luna Park, in a similar way to the difference we used to see when she was going to the sensory gym regularly.

It was so funny the first time she went on this one ride called the Tumble Bug. She took me completely by surprise. This ride spins you in a small circle at the same time as a big circle that goes up into the air. While I'm hanging on for dear life and considering the logistics of spewing while in mid air she is beside me squealing "wheeeeeee- I'm in the airrrrrr!!" At least my laughter took my mind off my churning stomach!

L and G both like to bounce.  For ages we didn't have a trampoline. They missed it. Recently I managed to buy one very cheaply second hand.  So now everyday they go outside and have a bounce. I can even use the trampoline as a way of calming them when they have been upset by something. It's been raining a lot, and the other day I got so desperate for G to regain her equilibrium that I put the lounge cushions on the floor and told her to bounce their. Since then if it's raining and she wants to bounce, she asks for a "bouncing cushion". Hey- whatever works!!

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