Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why sunflowers are my favourite flower

Sunflowers are great. They start off as this tiny little seed. They sprout these two tiny little leaves. They have to manage not to be eaten by snails and slugs,
or be stepped on by something, or be washed away by heavy rain. They hang in there and grow slowly slowly bigger and bigger, adding a few leaves at a time. Until they get big enough to handle some snails snacking on their leaves without much problem. They grow this flower head, keeping it tightly shut for a long time. When the flower head starts to open the plant actually turns the flower head toward the sun in the morning, and then follows the sun all day. It stares, face directly into the sun, for as long as it can. After a few days of this the flower head gets to be fully open and is so big and heavy that the plant locks the flower into position and it doesn't move anymore. It just freezes there and its seeds begin to develop and ripen. The seeds start off small and green but over time they get bigger and blacker. There can be thousands of seeds on each flower head. And each of those seeds has the potential to grow into its own plant, taller than a man with a huge, bright yellow flower of its own containing thousands more seeds. It just amazes me!! Such beauty and such intricate detail from such a tiny little seed. And they remind me of my ASD kids. Starting off so small, resisting attack and trampling, growing growing and fixing their faces on whatever positive they can see and just concentrating on that. Little seeds of success start to form, and get bigger, forming intricate details in their character and ability to manage their lives even with the challenges they have. It just amazes me!!

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    Sunflowers have been my favourite since I was very young. The logo on Growing Children site is a photo from an old garden of mine at Lawson. I recently got some amzing photos like your one above from Margaret Cowper from Connect whose brother has a sunflower farm - imagine that, a whole farm of sunflowers!
    (BTW Jeanette from Connect is my mother in law, mother of Meredith from the Natural Parents group.)


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