Sunday, April 29, 2012

Q&A #7 What is your dream?

Here we are at the end of April already!  And here is the last of my Austism Awareness/Acceptance blog posts. The question is "What is the biggest, wildest, craziest dream you have for your ASD child?"
To be honest, there weren't many responders to this one. Some spoke of a desire to see their child grow up and have a job, or relationships, or to be able to be independent. All great dreams! And they represent the broad range of abilities on the spectrum well.
There was one answer that really spoke to me, as a parent of two who are on the less severe end of the spectrum, though. I have asked permission to quote it. It was given by 'Square Pegs
', who has a great Facebook page that I check in on often. 

"That my son will stay as wildly eccentric as he is as a child as an adult, people not see him as AS but as an amazing passionate about what he does person and that all who know him will just be a fan so to speak.. Much like some of the "suspected aspies" in our family tree.. Amazingly brilliant and loved by all ♥ This is my DREAM for him."

What a great dream!  I mean, who does't want their kid to have fans? Who doesn't want their kid to be passionate about what they do? This mum has looked at her son, who has Aspergers Syndrome, and seen the same possibilities as she would looking at any 'normal' child, and included his eccentricities in that dream! She doesn't want him to be just like any other child, just to achieve his best with what he has, and be given every opportunity, just like anyone else, to shine bright!! "Amazingly brilliant and loved by all"!!


I think Square Pegs' answer spoke to me so well because it articulated clearly what I had been trying to say myself. And so, she kind of wrote this post for me. I don't feel like there's much more that I want to say, so I'll stop. Which brings us to the end of Autism Awareness/Aceptance Month ....... except for one more, special post tomorrow. Watch this space.  (Here's a hint)


  1. I have Aspergers - I'm 27. My dream is to live in the human world easily one day. Or to be able to live in the atomic world without having to be alone.

    Actually, my dream is for there to be enough Aspies one day who speak out about how they experience the world that I can say what I just did and not feel ridiculous and need to explain it, then need to apologise for not making sense still.

    I do wonder sometimes if normal people feel a sense of dislocation from the Human world, like their identity is in their atoms and their organ functions and the whole idea of being judged, particularly being judged by what you wear or how much money you make, is bizarre and so jarringly far from the real world that it's laughable.

    I just want to have a conversation with someone once where I don't have to be a self, and we can just talk about the edges of atoms and the concept of time, and it would feel like having a deep heart to heart admitting your secret feelings to them. I don't think I'll ever get it though.

    I like your dream though. I hope your kids get to reach it.

    1. Hi Vorbis. Thanks for commenting. I like your dream, too. :-) If you achieve your dream that will mean that my boy will have others to talk to that he won't feel the need to explain to as well. That would be great! He also loves to talk about atoms, and is particularly interested in DNA at the moment. I'm not sure I relate to feeling dislocated from the world, but I sure can relate to thinking being judged by what you wear and how much money you make is bizarre! Those things aren't important at all in the real world. I think you can reach your dream- just keep looking for other people who want to talk about the same things as you!! Best Wishes!

  2. I am an Aspie Mum with at least one, possibly two Aspie sons. My dream for my boys is for them to be able to be completely happy with who they are and what they do and to be comfortable with their places in the world. I know how it feels, to feel that I am in the wrong world and hope that my experience and insight will help them to have a better time, where they can use their energy for success and not just survival.


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