Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day Reflections

It's Mother's Day, and all day I've been thinking about how much I love being a Mum.  I was treated to a sleep in. I had breakfast in bed. I was given gifts. And it's not only the special day perks I love. I love hearing my kids play together. I love laughing with them over silly jokes. I love the sweet cuddles. I love the moments when I can teach them stuff and we connect in a meaningful way. I love the shared smiles with my Wonderful Husband when the kids do things that are funny or cute, or sometimes inappropriate but still funny....

So I went through today feeling very happy. And then it was dinner time. It was one of those meal times that included people arguing over who was to sit where, numerous reminders that cutlery exists, and culminated with Hubby announcing the two boys who had just been involved in a slap-fight at the table could both go to bed immediately. Happy Mother's Day to me.

Fortunately apologies were made and accepted and it wasn't long before the usual amusing antics resumed. The reminders to use cutlery continued, but I'll take what I can get if everyone is eating a healthy meal.

Now that all are sleeping except Miss16, it is pretty quiet and I am left reflecting on my parenting journey. It started unexpectedly and has been pretty unconventional ever since, really.

Today I am glad to be where I am.

I am glad to have been taught so many valuable lessons by my kids-
Slow down.
Really listen.
Don't give up trying just because it's hard.
Don't give in when you're sure it's important.
Give hugs.
Make sure you always have a good supply of paper and sticky tape.
Be patient.
Everything is possible.
There is always something to be thankful for.

I'd love to hear from you all- what have you learned from your children?

And from one Autism Mum to all of you out there- Happy Mother's Day. I hope you know that you are loved and appreciated, even if your child can't tell you so.


  1. Beautiful 'Chelle! Had a similar day here; loads of reflecting and happy times also balanced out by some meltdowns tonight, early bed times, cuddles, prayer and finally all 5 drift off to sleep and I sit here thinking still about all the little things that need doing and what tomorrow will bring. Brett wrote me the most beautiful card today and since words aren't always his strong suit, it especially meant the world. Those words keep going round and round and are still making me smile.
    I'm so thankful for the lessons I've learnt and continue to, through being a's what I'd tell myself if I could rewind to the beginning of my journey as a mother to 5, including of course my two kiddos with ASD...
    Listen...really listen
    Play when you are invited to and lose yourself in it
    Sleep is important but don't bank on getting heaps of it; uou'll be amazed by how little sleep your body gets and yet how you just keep on going
    Pray often and allow God to lead the way
    Leaf and pillow fights, sparkler nights and family party days are incredibly bonding for a family
    Laugh lots
    Make hot chocolates and talk and read stories together and the worries of the world will disappear for a second or two
    Forgiven, forgotten, friends will become a healing catch cry for your family
    Don't sweat not being able to go to the toilet in privacy, finish a meal while it's still hot or having to repeat yourself over and over again. These things may change in time but just get used to the fact early on that uou'll not have it another way
    Know that even when you feel under actually are. You really are the world to your family.
    That's what I'd tell my younger self if I could ;-)
    Love Lus x

  2. What a wonderful post. Your descritption of the dinner table discussions/antics made me smile. It sounds very similar to our house.
    The biggest thing that being a mum has taught me is to stop wishing time away. I used to think, "I can't wait til the kids are 3yrs old, sleeping through the night and toilet-trained". But now as I look back, my memories of those precious times are fading. I wish that I had lived more in the moment and enjoyed the journey.


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