Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm sorry, is my idealism showing?

So- how DOES one get politicians to listen? It's obviously NOT by writing them a polite letter expressing your concerns and asking for their help.  Apparently it does't work to tell them about how their decisions are negatively affecting you and other people they claim they are trying to help.

How does one get the media to take notice when there is something of significance actually worth reporting on? You know- something that will affect peoples lives in a big way- even more than the kind of dress Lady Gaga wore. How DO you get them to report on the sorts of things that are going on that are discriminating against people with higher support needs in schools, for example?

How does a person go about raising awareness about things like essential funding being taken out of schools? I mean, I know that the statistics here in Australia say disability only affects one in 100 children. But guess what? In my household it affects 2 in 5. So- how does one go about helping people realise that for some in our society these so called insignificant things are actually ENORMOUS?

If I were Clive Palmer or Gina Rinehart I could get an audience with the Premier or Prime Minister. So- what's so great about them? I mean- apart from the fact that they have heaps of money and huge companies that are really good at stripping natural resources out of our land? But really- why is what they want more important than what my children need to grow up to be their best possible? Can anyone explain that to me?

Because right now I am struggling to come to terms with the fact that unless you are rich and have a big business with lots of "fans" that you don't count. I don't have the right connections, upbringing, enough money, and let's face it- I am just not important enough. I am struggling to come to terms with the fact that no matter how much I jump up and down and say my bit nothing is going to change. As much as I want to I can't help my kids with this. As wrong and unfair as it is that the NSW Governments priorities do not extend to helping my kids get what they need from the education system, I will never be able to make a difference for my kids in this area. Even though it is not right that my family pays taxes while the Government turns my children into a financial liability for the schools they attend, I will never be able to do anything about it.

And it is a bitter pill for this idealist to swallow.


  1. I tweeted Barry O'Farrell about this blog wanting to know how he and the education minister respond to it. I couldn't put the @youraccount on it as I didn't have enough characters. You'll see it on my tweets.

  2. Big hugs - I don't know what to suggest either :(.
    I will say there was recently a story going around on Facebook about a boy called Connor who is legally blind and who wanted to run in the cross country but wasn't going to be allowed to because of his blindness. They used Facebook to raise support and get that ruling changed.
    Any petitions going around about it?

    1. Hi Suse-

      here is the petition I started....


  3. Hi Michelle....Like you I am fighting my battles with the private education sector in providing better support for special needs students.. I sent my letter to Peter Garrett, who passed my letter on to the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and in the letter it is highlighted the Government is targeting support for these children on the spectrum..They are constantly reviewing funding and how best to support these children unfortunately it is a balancing act that will take some time to work out. I know there have been changes since my son has been at school. He has an option to attend mainstream stream with limited support and giving him assistive tools to help him like ipads, computers etc..

  4. I will say there was lately a tale going around on Facebook or myspace about a boy known as Connor who is lawfully impaired and who desired to run in the cross-country but wasn't going to be permitted to because of his loss of sight.


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