Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sometimes it's really hard to write about life.


  1. I hear ya Michelle. It must feel so one sided sometimes, telling everyone all about what happending in your life but not getting much in return. Well i'll give you a little update on what is happening with my son. He was only diagonised with ASD in mid April and we found a FANTASTIC intervention service. We started a multi disiplinary intense theraphy that consists of 10 hours of theraphy over the week. They go to Coopers school three times a week and then we go to clinic two times a week. I was really sceptical before we started but he has come leaps and bounds since we started on 4 short weeks ago. Before we started coopers tantrums were really bad, he couldn't communicate (language or sign) and he was basically in his own little world all day long. He is now sitting well in group time at preschool, doing actions of songs like Galumph, Alphabet (Trying to sign) and rainbow. He is actually playing with toys like they are ment to be played with, pushing the trains on the tracks and playing with playdough and things like that. He has even started signing a few things like "More" and "Finished" i can not believe how much more content he is. So there you go..... there is a little blog from me to you! Have a fantastic week

    P.S oh and i have been getting heaps of my facebook friends to sign the petition you created and to also share it with their friends. Last time i checked you were up to 150 signature!

  2. Hi Michelle Write your personal story about raising children on the spectrum...With myself this has become therapy for me and my blog has become a journal for me...I also signed your petition and I read your blog on a regular basis... Hope to read some more of your posts in the future...


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