Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some days are better than others....

Photography by Karen Stevenson
Any other U2 fans out there?  The song "Some days are better than others" has been going through my mind lately.

Things have lately. I've had a few teary days, coming to terms with some new things in our family. I've had a lot of busy days attending appointments, making phone calls, organising "stuff". We are OK, but new challenges are tiring and time consuming.

Anyway, I'm just stopping in briefly to let you know that soon I will get to writing some updates on School Transition, and Funding Issues for those of you who are interested. After that I'll try for a more general kind of post.

In the mean time you can read my most recent contribution on the Aussie Mum Network website by clicking here. If you want to check in for general updates you can have a look at my Facebook page.

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  1. it's the rollercoaster. It never stops, just slows down sometimes. Hope you get back up to a peak soon! x


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