Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Amazing Adventures celebrates 1000 Ausome Things #AutismPositivity2013

I've been thinking about what to write in this flash blog post forabout a week. This years flash blog focuses on all the "Ausome" things about Autism.

I thought about telling you how great my Autistic kids are because they are honest, loyal, persistent, funny, creative and brave. 

I thought about telling you that I have learned so much from them about being authentic. 

I thought about saying how cool it is to see them get involved in special interests when they find out heaps of information about different topics. 

Then I had my best idea- I thought of asking the kids what they think is awesome about being Autistic. 

MissG is 5, and she is still just learning about what Autism is going to mean for her. But I will say that both she and I think it is awesome that she went to bed tonight wearing nothing but her underpants and a cape.

MasterL is 14. He's got a pretty good grasp on how he is different from others and is developing good strategies to manage sensory issues and things he finds stressful. 

So I asked him what he thinks is awesome about being Autistic. 

To get him thinking I asked does he like being good at computer games, coming up with stories, or being good at researching to find out information about things he is interested in. 

He said yes, but that he didn't think those things has a lot to do with being Autistic. 

So I stopped talking and listened to him (sometimes I am so clever!) He thought for a minute and then he said this:

"I think the thing I like most about being Autistic is that I know I am different from lots of other people and I feel proud of who I am" 

..... I think that is pretty awesome!

This post is part of the #Autism Positivity 2013 Flash Blog in which bloggers all over the world will be sharing "Ausome things" in an effort to flood the internet with positive messages for people to find when they search for information on Autism.

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