Saturday, June 8, 2013

It feels good on the hands

I've been trying to get this picture for ages, but haven't managed to get a clear shot until the other day. Every time MissG comes to the supermarket with me this is what she does. We park downstairs and and have to use the travelator to go up to the shops and again to go back down to the car. I tend to get on the travelator and just stand there until I get to the top (why move my legs if I don't have to, right?!). MissG always runs up or down and when she gets to the end she stands between the two travelators and and lays her hands on the moving hand rails. She gets quite an intense look on her face while her hands rest there, like she is concentrating on something important. I asked her about it. She says it feels good and it tickles her hands. She says she likes that ones rail goes one way and the other goes a different way. 

While we were talking about it MasterL told me that there are railings around the stairs at his school that feel really good if he puts his jumper sleeve over his hand and runs it along the rail while he walks. 

No great break through or revelation, just part of our everyday. 

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  1. My girls do something like this, their hands are always outstretched, reaching for the different textures around them. The look on their faces is similar too, concentration mixed with happy! Thank you for sharing!


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