Tuesday, November 19, 2013

L writes for the #thisisautism flashblog

MasterL (14 year old Autistic, who has a 6 year old Autistic sister and 4 other siblings) has something to say to Suzanne Wright. When he heard about what she had written in her recent letter and found out there was an opportunity to reply to her through the flashblog, he asked me to post this.

This is an artwork by L.
He enjoys art, music and computer games.
He is learning to program computers and wants to
work as a game programmer in a few years
when he leaves school.
Dear Mrs Wright,

I don't want to come straight out and say you are wrong because when people do that to me I find it rude.

But, my life isn't miserable.

My sisters life isn't miserable.

My family's life isn't miserable, or, I guess they are only as miserable as any other family.

Maybe you should ask Autistic people if they are miserable before you tell everybody that they are.




  1. Good for you, L!! Love that you are using your voice to speak the truth...keep it up xx

  2. Nicely put L. Like what your artwork suggests about how you see things.


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