Thursday, June 19, 2014

Getting the "little" things done

This blog started 2 1/2 years ago mainly as a record of what we were doing, and to try to reach out in an encouraging way to other families. At some point in the past year or so, I stopped writing about our day to day and turned into an activist. It seems that every time I sit down to write I am angry about one injustice or another. It’s almost like writing about the “little” things is boring now. If there isn’t something brewing in my mind to write about that has me pretty worked up, it’s an unusual day. The trouble with that is that it is exhausting. And only writing about that stuff is an unrealistic representation of what I actually do every day. Sometimes I feel like, in the fight to advocate for the rights my kids have in the bigger picture, the little things get lost in my writing.

My day to day is not full of face to face situations in which I must actively defend to others my kids rights to exists as proud Autistic individuals. Some days do involve that, but thankfully they are not the majority. Mostly what I do each day is support my kids to help them discover the ways that work for them to live the best way they can. 

I’ve been working on finding ways to help MissG process language more efficiently. She wakes up very slowly in the mornings, as her sensory system relies on a lot of physical movement and stimulation to kick off each day. It’s hard for her to process auditory requests, especially in the morning, so getting ready for school is tough. After talking with some friends I learned that some of them also find auditory processing of spoken language difficult, but that they can process singing more easily. 
Image is a twirly music staff with a treble clef and a few notes on it

So, I have been trying singing to MissG in the mornings, using tunes I know she likes and putting the words of my requests to music. It’s helping!! 

Image is of a yellow hopper ball with long ear handles
and big eyes printed on it.

After re-reading the OT report from a couple of years back I remembered that bouncing was recommended as a way to help stimulate MissGs sensory system too, so after talking to her last night about how hard it is to wake up she agreed that it’s too cold out to use the trampoline in the morning but she would like to try swinging on her rocking horse to see if that helps her feel more prepared to leave the house for school. This morning she came to wake me up and tell me she had already done some rocking, and was ready for breakfast. For MissG to be ready to eat before 8 in the morning is unusual, so I'm calling that a win! Hopefully it is something she will find helpful over time. She did say to me this morning that she wants to get a "bouncy ball" again because she misses her old one. I promised to look for one to buy for her. 

Image is a pair of black ear defenders 
MasterL is now homeschooling, after a series of things happening that brought him and I to the conclusion that school was no longer a place conducive to learning for him. Today he was at the hardware shop with Hubby and I looking for a way to store the paints he is collecting to use on his model planes, and we saw a pair of ear defenders. It struck me what a difference removing him from the stress of the school environment has made, as he confidently said he would like to choose a pair to wear because sometimes the noise is just too much. 

Image is a white plastic cutlery set consisting
of a fork, knife and two spoons
We have introduced plastic cutlery as an always available option for use at meal times in our house, because metal cutlery is a sensory problem for MissG. Sometimes the accommodations are small, but they make such a difference. She ate a whole meal with a fork for the first time the other day. 

So, even though you will often see me writing about the “big stuff”, rest assured, life carries on here, one little decision, one little change, one little accomodation, one little success at a time. 

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