Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The autism community and the Autistic community

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  1. Yes x 1000 ♥♥

  2. Yes, I'm so terribly tired of 'autism parents' making their childrens autism all about them, and their ableism leading them to talk over Autistic people - dismissing us by ignorantly labeling us 'high-functioning' (othering their own children in the process), and otherwise bullying Autistic people in order to attempt to silence us when we represent ourselves or our communities. It's a huge problem, and I'm sick of these people sending me death threats and abuse because they think we're all broken so should be okay with them deciding what's right for us all.

    1. yes- it is exactly that sort of thing that prompted me to write this. I'm sorry for the experiences you've had. It needs to stop.


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