Saturday, September 29, 2012

More funding cuts.... who is prepared to fight with me?

When I started blogging 6 months ago, I had no idea the direction the blog would go in. I thought I would be posting a series of honest but witty stories about living with Autism that would encourage and inspire, and maybe increase understanding of what Autism is within the wider community. I don't really know if I've achieved that at all.

What I do know is that I am now writing more and more often about funding and policy and battles for equal opportunities for my kids. The other stuff is still there, but more and more I find myself in the role of advocate and discontent.

I really was not expecting that.

It makes me think about how lucky people are who don't have to think about whether their child will be adequately supported at school. I was one of those until recently. Funding was available to support all my kids to learn well. L needed extra support and he got it. Thanks to "Every Student, Every School" that is now gone. I assumed G would get funding too, but as it turns out Government Policy changed, and now I have to fight for it.

You might think that you are one of those who doesn't have to worry. I'm sorry to say that I am going to have to challenge that assumption. Our NSW Government has announced even more cuts to Education, and it is not just kids with disabilities they are targeting now. $1.7 billion is being taken, and your children will all be affected. As I predicted here, an outcry is starting.

While I feel cranky that it took cuts that will affect the majority before people are interested in making a fuss, when my kids weren't worth fussing over, I am pleased that finally the campaign to let the government know we are not happy is building.

Please keep an eye out for the NSW Teachers Federation organised protests that are coming up, and join in your closest demonstration.

I for one will not be happy to sit back and watch, then tell my grandchildren that education used to be better, but we didn't bother to fight when they took away the funding. Are you?

Who is prepared to fight with me?

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