Friday, June 5, 2015

How to support an Autistic child in the classroom

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  1. I am autistic and my teachers thought I had behavioral problems because I had trouble with things or was asking for equal opportunity. When I had trouble, they thought I was just being lazy and when I asked for equal opportunity they thought I was being cocky. Also, if my teachers were given the advice to ask "How can I help?" they would have asked it but not considered the answer.

    1. Sounds like school was pretty rough for you. My kids found school very hard too. I agree that some teachers won't be different no matter what advice they receive. But there are some who really want to support all their students, and who will work to change how they do things if they are given some input about things that will help. I know, because I have come across them and when I have spoken to them about my kids needs they have done their very best to meet them. I'm so sorry that wasn't your experience.


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